Thursday, August 18, 2011

I told myself I was going to be on this blog more.

I'm really sorry about not posting. I haven't really been able to post, nor have I had the ideas to post. But either way I should post more. Anyway, school starts on Monday. I am more excited now that I got my schedule.
1st Period - Spanish 1 - Sra Fague
2nd Period - Biology 1 - Ms. Vacchio
3rd Period - Band 3 - Mr. Butler and Mr. Eslava
4th Period - French 2 - Mme Ballentine
5th Period - Algebra 2 - Coach Shirley
6th Period - English 2 Honors - Mrs. Race
7th Period - World History - Mr. Hortze

I'm happy with my schedule, except for the face that I was supposed to be in Algebra 2 Honors, and Biology 1 Honors, but it will be an easy a in both of their classes.

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